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Follicle Free Brown Ostrich Leather Case for Samsung S23 Ultra

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Unique pouch with ostrich collars for Samsung from Kartell.

We encourage you to respect the case with a smooth part of the skin of an ostrich for iPhone, which will reinforce your unique taste and status.

Mustache shkiryan chokhli are made by hand by our maisters. We victoriously find the skin in the best materials to provide you with a premium-class bag.

* Reveal your respect! Colors and colors can be cooled down depending on the setting of the monitor (brightness, contrast, richness), as well as lighting.

Why varto turn a choker made of an ostrich coat?

Collections with ostrich coats are the attributes of success and prosperity. She doesn’t just look pretty, but she is one of the most gentle and at the same time lovely. Volodya with a low level of wear.

Having bought such an accessory, you can be calm for your smartphone during the hour of the fall.

Yakіsnі premium-class materials

The hand-made cover made of shock-resistant silicone with a soft-touch coating is of premium quality, durable and wear-resistant due to high-quality accessories. Since the accessory is made of genuine leather, the Samsung case made of ostrich skin will always have a different pattern.

How to choose a case for Samsung?

If you are looking for a black case with a cover - Kartell will help you choose the model you need. Proponuemo on the choice of luxury cases for the iPhone are not only ostrich skins, but also other exotic materials.

We appreciate our skin client, we will consult you with good nutrition.

Buying a case for Samsung from us is always profitable and pleasant.


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