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Everyone wants their gadget to stand out from the crowd. Especially considering the fact that all phones today differ little from each other. One of the options to highlight your device is to buy a premium case made of exotic leather. This is a great way to flash your phone, as well as complement your image, highlight your status.

By the way, find out how much it costs and inexpensively buy a high-quality exclusive laptop case or smartphone You can in our Kartell online store. When ordering goods, be sure that the package will arrive as soon as possible, both for delivery in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

Exotic leather and its use in accessories for gadgets

Premium exotic leather is not just an empty phrase. This material is a whole segment of specially treated genuine leather, which gives the accessory outstanding characteristics:

  1. Strength.

One-piece exotic leather is traditionally stronger than similar material in conventional cases. It undergoes a special type of tanning, thanks to which it is very strong, elastic, able to withstand strong blows.

  1. Durability.

Our premium covers serve their owners for years, because they are made of the highest quality materials! Is it a joke, a crocodile case can last even 30 years! Yes, it is unlikely that someone will use the phone for such a long time, but even taking into account the average service life of the gadget, ordering such a case for him will not be a waste.

  1. Softness and ease of use.

Covers made of genuine leather are very soft, elastic, it is very pleasant to hold them in your hand. After such an accessory, you will not want to use ordinary silicone cases.

Is it necessary to say that the appearance of such accessories gives a hundred points of handicap to all other cases. A mobile phone in such a case will certainly stand out among others and add style and individuality to the image of its owner.

Types of exotic leather used for the production of covers

When choosing a case made of exotic leather, it is very important to choose the material, because the appearance and characteristics of the product directly depend on it. Cases are made from the following types of leather:

  • Calf

Inexpensive, but very good material, which is strong, soft, elastic, breathable (the latter is very good for countering the harmful effects of moisture). It is often used to imitate snake or crocodile skin.

  • Crocodile

The cost of covers made of this material, contrary to popular opinion, is not much higher than the same original cases for iPhones or Samsungs made of silicone. Moreover, in this case, the user receives a premium product that will serve him faithfully for many years.

  • Ostrich

Ostrich skin is one of the most durable in the world. It perfectly repels water, has outstanding softness, but at the same time strength and elasticity. The characteristic texture in the form of protruding follicles will not allow others to mistake the fact that you are holding a phone in a truly exclusive case.

  • Shark

Shark leather cases are distinguished by their original pattern - you will hardly find two similar products, and this is their main feature. What can we say about the elasticity and water resistance of the skin of a water inhabitant?

  • Python skin.

Covers made of this material have characteristic scales, which leaves no doubt as to the belongingness of the accessories. They are equally great for both men and women, for business and casual style. The great advantage of python skin is its variety: wide, medium or small scales, which are located in different ways, variations of shades and their combinations.

We would like to note that all exotic leather covers in the Kartell online store catalogs are made of high-quality natural materials and are hand-made by our craftsmen. This ensures the high quality of products, as well as their reasonable cost, because you are buying products first-hand.

Where to buy accessories made of natural exotic leather

We invite you to find out how much it costs and buy accessories made of natural exotic leather at a good price in the Kartell online store. On our website you will find not only premium cases made of crocodile, ostrich, snake, shark skin, but also inexpensive products made of calf skin. There are also in our catalogs actual covers "Ukraine", if you want to support the direction of movement of a Russian warship. We will be happy to answer all the questions that interest you, so that you get a better experience with us and remain 100% satisfied with your purchase. Delivery is carried out in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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