Band for Apple Watch made of ostrich skin in blue color with follicles

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38 / 40 / 41 mm
42 / 44 / 45 mm
Rose Gold
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Band for Apple Watch with ostrich shkіri with follicles.

We encourage you to show respect for your Apple Watch remembrance with ostrich follicles, which will reinforce your unique taste and status. The ultimate accessory to see you among other smart-year-olds.

Mustaches are made by hand by our masters. We winkoristaly nayakіsnіsh shkіru in poddnanny with the best seam to secure you a premium-class accessory.

* Reveal your respect! Colors and colors can be cooled down depending on the setting of the monitor (brightness, contrast, richness), as well as lighting.

The benefits of reminiscences from ostrich hair with follicles

Ostrich shkira is respected by status and even dear. Vaughn does not only look beautiful, but she may have a neimovirnu mіtsnіst і low stupіn znoshuvannya, m'yaka on the dotik that waterproof. No other skin can compete with this unique little follicle. Tse rob an ostrich skin alone with the most expensive ones.

Yakіsnі premium-class materials

The ideal seam and yakіsna fittings in our vikonnі add the image of a sackcloth. Stylish design will not deprive you without the respect of the restless. Shards of accessories made of natural shkіri, - virіb zavzhdi mother of different little ones. 

How to choose a belt for Apple Watch?

If you are looking for an ostrich shoulder strap – Kartell will help you choose the model you need. Prop on a selection of luxury accessories for the Apple Watch from various exotic materials. 

We appreciate our skin client, we will consult you with good nutrition.

Buy a band for Apple Watch from us - it's always convenient and convenient.

Clock size

38/40/41 mm, 42/44/45 mm

The color of the fittings

Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

Band length

S / M, M / L


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