Case made of ore embossed crocodile on calfskin for iPhone 14 Plus

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Stylish shkiryany pouch for iPhone from Kartell.

If you want your phone to look stylish, put respect on accessories from a calfskin. The material looks like it's expensive, so it's better to embellish the iPhone model.

Mustache shkiryan chokhli are made by hand by our maisters. We victoriously find the skin in the best materials to provide you with a premium-class bag.

* Reveal your respect! Colors and colors can be cooled down depending on the setting of the monitor (brightness, contrast, richness), as well as lighting.

Why do you want to use a calfskin pouch with crocodile embossing?

This type of skin looks like it does not require large windows. Having bought such an accessory, you can be calm for your smartphone during the hour of the fall.

Yakіsnі premium-class materials.

The handheld case is made of impact-resistant silicone and is soft-touch coated, it has a premium quality, and is durable and resistant to the shell of components. Veal skin is given the same on all types. Really natural material always lies in a different way, so the texture of the little one on the leather skin case for the iPhone is amazing.

How to choose a case for iPhone?

If you are looking for a black case with a cover - Kartell will help you choose the model you need. It is recommended to select luxury cases for iPhone from different exotic materials. 

We appreciate our skin client, we will consult you with good nutrition. 

Buy a case for an iPhone from us - it’s always good and it’s good.


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