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Case made of blue shkіri shkіri for iPhone XS Max

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Non-zvіvnyanny pouch with shkіri shkіri for iPhone from Kartell.

You are sure to be inspired by our hood with skin shkіri, which is also seen on the wild aphids with its gusto and style.

Mustache shkiryan chokhli are made by hand by our maisters. We victoriously find the skin in the best materials to provide you with a premium-class bag.

* Reveal your respect! Colors and colors can be cooled down depending on the setting of the monitor (brightness, contrast, richness), as well as lighting.

Why varto turn a chohol from a shkіri shkіri?

Such a coat looks like it is expensive and one of the most expensive and waterproof types. Volodya with a low level of wear. Trimaty in the hands of an accessory with shkіri shkіri is not only prestigious, but it's acceptable, it's not enough to indulge yourself with this satisfaction.

Yakіsnі premium-class materials.

The hand-held case is made of impact-resistant silicone and soft-touch coated, it has a premium quality, and it is resistant to wear and tear for the shell of the same accessories. Oskіlki aksesuar s natural shkіri shkіri, - a case for iPhone zі shkіri matima zavzhd matima different little ones.

How to choose a case for iPhone?

If you are looking for a black case with a cover - Kartell will help you choose the model you need. It is recommended to choose luxury cases for iPhone not only from shkir shkir, but also from other exotic materials. 

We appreciate our skin client, we will consult you with good nutrition. 

Buy a case for an iPhone from us - it’s always good and it’s good.


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